How much does a locksmith cost

How much should you pay for the basic locksmith services? From car lockout to a simple house locks re-key. How much doe s it really cost?

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The Bait

Many companies will advertise $10-$20 service fee in order to catch your eye. Now think about that for a minute. When gas prices are almost $4 a gallon do you really think that someone will come all the way to you, do the job and drive back for $15?Apparentlymany people think that it's a great deal and calling these guys.

The Switch

"You have a very complicated lock", "You have a very unique lock", "This is an old/new car", "It's a high security car", "It's a pickup truck", "OMG!! You have 4(!!) wheels.. We have to charge extra for THAT!". Those are only some of the excuses that you will hear, once the $15 locksmith will arrive, than,voil, the price dramatically changed to someridiculous amount that you cannot afford but forced to pay.

The Standard

Well, there is no such a thing as "Locksmith pricing guide", but as a standard, most honest locksmiths will quote you upfront for all basic services (Car door unlock, locks rekey, car keyreplacementetc.) before showing at the job site.

The Average

The average pricing that we found among honest locksmiths for basic services are listed below. Remember! If a locksmith cannot quote you over the phone you may want to call another locksmith. Because.. If it's too good to be true, it normally is!

Trip charge fee .. $55 $85

Car Lockout $55 $65

Locks Rekey .. $15 $24

House Lockout . $75 $95 (Some locksmiths will charge extra for additional locks)

Business Lockout $75 $95

Car key (no chip) $95 $140

Car Key (Transponder) $150 $195

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